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Our LaserFiche system of document management and archival products are powerful and time-saving solutions for the legal environment. Coupled with the capabilities of the Quickfields plug-in, one may quickly index, archive, bates stamp and share information among partners, co-council, opposing council as well as expert witnesses. Here's how it works:

Entering the Data
Existing paper documents may be scanned from 25 to 100 pages per minute. Even the largest volume of paper can be processed with relative ease. Documents are brought into Laserfiche thru a front-end called Quickfields. Quickfields provides an automatic bates numbering feature as the documents are scanned. As documents are processed, the intelligent OCR engine provides the ability to search for phrases, key words, even the Bates number using simple Boolean search. Searchable templates are available to mark and describe documents that may be handwritten. Any document including X-rays, photos, maps and more can be archived in Laserfiche.

Managing the Data
Upon importing bates numbered documents into Laserfiche, they can be searched, printed, e-mailed, or redacted. Electronic sticky notes may be placed on any document as reference notes or reminders. Documents can be burned to CD along with the search engine, providing portability of the scanned or electronically saved documents. The CD allows the sharing of the information outside of the office with co-council, expert witnesses, or between computers for courtroom use.

Using the Data
Using the laptop and digital projector, documents can be shown on a screen inside the courtroom when necessary. Searches during a trial, hearing or deposition for key words, phrases, or numbers are as simple to find as a mouse click. Perjury can be identified quickly.

These are just a few of the applications of Laserfiche. We would like to demonstrate its powerful capabilities to you in your own office. Please call or e-mail us today to set up an appointment.

Additional Resources:

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