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Too Much Paper

Q: My organization has thousands of documents stored in bankers boxes. I'll would never be able to get all these documents into a digital format because there are so many. What should I do?

A. Many organizations simply pick a starting date and move forward with their records management and archiving system from that date. This is certainly more cost effective.

Need Help Going Paperless

Q: I need help in this transition from paper to the digital archive. Where do I turn now?

A: The link here will take you a very informative booklet which can be downloaded in pdf format. Read thru it and then contact us today and we'll help you sift thru your paper maze into a solid imaging solution.

Unorganized Paper Filing System

Q: Our paper filing system is unorganized. How will creating a digital archive help us?

A: Thru the use of OCR (optical character recognition), templates (index data fields) and a simple folder structure, documents can be "dumped " into the repository and can be found almost instantly.

Lack of Connect Between Paper and Digital Systems

Q: Our files continue to grow. We not only have paper documents mailed in to us, but we also have e-mails to archive, spreadsheets, PDF's and digital photographs. Can these archiving systems take care of these problems as well.

A: The answer is unequivocally yes. Systems such as LaserFiche provide the capability to store all types of documents which are already in electronic format inside the LaserFiche repository, including e-mail, photographs, spreadsheets and the like. Scanning is only necessary when there is not an electronic version available.

Need More Customized System

Q: If I must keep old documents for indefinite periods of time, what are my options for making them accessible thru the imaging system?

A: When infrequently used documents are accessed, scan them into the system and destroy the paper. Another alternative is to hire a scanning service to digitize your old documents. Another alternative - hire temporary personnel and spread the process out over time.

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