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LaserFiche Products > Date Capture Tools

Flexible capture alternatives are essential for preparing paper and electronic documents for archival, retrieval and distribution across your document management solution. The Laserfiche document imaging and management platform provides basic scanning, batch processing and electronic document import.
For your specialized capture needs, Laserfiche offers a set of solutions that accommodate documents found in widely varying formats and locations organization-wide.

Scanning & Importing

• Laserfiche Import Agent™ automates document importing and document management within Laserfiche, particularly well-suited to work with multi-function peripherals

• Laserfiche Universal Capture™ supports specialized capture devices such as microfilm scanners, copier-scanner hybrids and x-ray scanners

• Laserfiche ScanConnect™ scanning support for a wide variety of desktop and production document scanners

Forms Processing & Batch Processing

• Laserfiche Quick Fields™ automates document sorting and indexing for reduced data entry costs and manual indexing errors

• Laserfiche Bar Code Recognition™ separates document types and populates index fields to streamline batch processing

• Laserfiche Zone OCR™ extracts data and populates index fields for automated forms processing

Electronic Documents

• Laserfiche Snapshot™ creates archival images of electronic documents for full-text indexing

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